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As a Registered Nurse and mother of three breastfed children, I also maintain current certification as a Lactation Consultant. I have specialized in Maternal Child Nursing in a hospital setting for fourteen years, with eight years as a charge nurse on the Obstetrical Unit. I developed and managed the Lactation Program and provided Childbirth Education at Dekalb BMC in Fort Payne, Alabama. In 1999, I entered my private practice. I have had extensive experience counseling breastfeeding mothers since 1985, and I am currently a member of the Alabama Breastfeeding Coalition.

God has blessed me with three incredible sons, Grant and Brock whom I now homeschool, and Lance whom I am currently breastfeeding and a wonderful husband, Ronnie that has shown tremendous support as I became a stay-at-home Mom and began my private practice.

My ultimate goal as a Lactation Consultant is to help women have a breastfeeding experience that is spiritually, emotionally and physically fulfilling. I give God all the glory for placing this passion within me to assist mothers with breastfeeding. With my services, I want to enable both the breast feeding mother and her baby to thrive in health and happiness.

This Website
My prayer is that this website will be a place of support for many breastfeeding Moms. The products offered with Mothering From The Heart have been personal favorites of mine and have been used by many of my clients. I will offer only what I feel is of the highest quality.

New Products:

Hands Free Pumping Bra

Hands Free Pumping Bra$34.00

If you are a working mom or doing a lot of pumping at home, this will be a necessary investment! The Patented zip-front strapless design lets you achieve hands-free pumping effortlessly. Read, write, talk on the phone, use a computer, eat your lunch, tend to your baby- all while pumping! Also great to use if […]

Philips Avent Niplette

Philips Avent Niplette$34.95

The Avent Niplette is a non-invasive device developed for the permanent correction of flat or inverted nipples. The Niplette is available in a twin pack and single unit.  The Avent Niplette is worn for eight hours a day and keeps constant suction on the nipple to keep it protruded. This device is the most aggressive […]